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Introduction to My Free Biz Ads

Glen Palo - Creator of My Free Biz AdsIt is a simple fact that most people starting a small or home business do not have the money to start expensive internet advertising campaigns to promote their businesses.

Fortunately for us, there are a variety of free or low-cost advertising alternatives in the form of traffic exchanges, classified ad sites, affiliate programs, safelists, social networking programs and sites, banner exchanges, web rings, blogs and so much more. 

I also have refrained from just listing free ad, traffic exchange and list building links.  I think there should be an overall synergistic element to combine free ad sources into a coherent theme. (There. I had to throw in some 50 cent words to say My Free Biz Ads is not just a list of links.)

Glen Palo
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Getting Started with Advertising

My internet marketing strategy is simple. Advertise, advertise and advertise some more.  And, by the way, build a list of subscribers. provides information and links to popular and effective advertising, business tools and resources.  This is my list of links I have collected and used since 1996 when I first started on the internet.

I believe to be successful marketing on the internet requires a combination of using classified advertising, mailers, traffic exchanges and social media sites.  While many so-called gurus would probably disagree with me, I cannot predict which method will be "in" today and "out" tomorrow.  So I prefer to use all available advertising tools and not focus on just the most popular one.


We like free adsA Word About Safelists and List Building.
Building a mailing list is one of the most essential aspects of building a successful business. When my computer crashed several years ago, the most devasting loss was my large mailing list.

Please note: I am a member of these mailers, safelists and list building programs and use these advertising resources daily to build my business.  I frequently join new traffic exchange, mailer and safelist programs to take advantage of the joining bonuses and free offers.